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Third-Party Management (3PL)

Easily Integrate with your Logistics Providers

Resolv Third-Party Management provides a quick, easy way to manage and automate the integration of Transactional and Master Data with other systems and third parties. This allows user level mapping with Third-Party Warehouses (3PL), Point of Sale Systems (POS) and any other system that is capable of XML based import and/or export.

Resolv Third-Party Management gives your company the ability to integrate your SAP Business One system with your logistics providers. This integration is a proactive tool designed to help organizations streamline transactional documents in one fluid process. Organizations have the ability to setup import and export paths for transactional document processes and can also setup notifications based on each document movement.

These notifications act like SAP’s standard alerts, notifying the specified person of an import or export failure via an internal message or email. This features ensures that all documents continue in the flow in the manner by which each organization set them up.

As with all Resolv modules, Third-Party Management was developed specifically for SAP Business One, utilizing the advanced technical architecture of the SAP Business One Software Development Kit.

Core Features and Functionality

The Resolv Third-Party Management has the tools required to automate the transfer of documents and master data from your SAP Business One System and your third-party providers.

  • No programming to build or modify integrations
  • Support data connection types such as XML, SQL, ODBC, text and more
  • FTP Connectivity
  • 3PL Scheduler
  • SAP Business One Warehouses configured as 3PL locations
  • Alerts and notifications
  • 3PL Transactional archive

Key Functional Areas

  • FTP Connectivity
  • Use of naming convention from integrated system
  • No programming required for integrations

Transactions Supported

  • Sales Order
  • Delivery
  • AR Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Inventory Transfer Request

Inventory Transfer

  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Receipt Master Data Supported
  • Business Partners
  • Ship-To Addresses
  • Item Master

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