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Operations Transaction Center (OTC)

Improve Order-to-Cash Workflows

Operations Transaction Center (OTC) Optimizes the order-to-cash workflow for companies utilizing SAP Business One. This module connects all aspects of the entire order-to-cash cycle including order processing, credit checking, fulfillment, shipping, document management, invoicing and reporting are streamlined with OTC. Utilizing OTC within your SAP Business One System, your company can dramatically improve customer service levels, profits and organizational efficiencies while freeing up working capital and cash flow.

Other similar solutions on the market are actually several individual software applications bundled together and promoted as a single ‘solution pack’. However, this bolt-on approach often leads to gaps in functionality, support challenges and often finger-pointing between the vendors and customers.

Resolv OTC is developed and supported by the Achieve IT Solutions team. This single-source approach provides SAP Business One customers and partners, one organization that is dedicated to the successful development and support of OTC.

Features and Functionality

The OTC module provides users with comprehensive functionally allowing them to optimize operations across their business including areas such as:

  • Customer Inquiry
  • Vendor Inquiry
  • Inventory Inquiry
  • WMS Inquiry
  • Sales and Purchasing Analysis
  • Order Pad

Key Functional Areas

Customer Inquiry – Offers an overview of all the SAP Documents and Activity that can be associated with customers. Users can drill down to details of all transactions. This is a powerful tool that can be used as an analytic review, or a customer service launch pad.

Vendor Inquiry – Offers an overview of all the SAP Documents and Activity that can be associated with Vendors. This inquiry has the same capabilities as the Customer Inquiry but is targeting uses that manage or work with inbound documents and vendor relationships.

Item Inquiry – Offers Procurement, Warehouse, and Logistics Managers with a centralized starting point to oversee all the inputs that impact their functions. This inquiry has the same capabilities as the Customer Inquiry but is organized with an Item centric view, rather than a Business Partner view. This actually provides more information as the functionality extends to both Sales and Purchasing, in addition to adding Inventory and Production data.

WMS Inquiry – Offers a real-time view into the warehouse, providing users the ability to see the status of sales, purchasing, inventory and production transactions as they are being processed within Resolv WMS.

Sales & Purchasing Analysis – Provides users with comprehensive multilevel sales analysis data by Customer, Item and Salesperson. Additional purchasing analysis data is available by Vendor and Item. The data can be filtered to quick give insight into Sales, Costs, Profitability and trends over time. This can be very broad, covering the entire operations of the company, or can be narrowed to lower levels, such as the specific performance of a Salesperson by Manufacturer in a given state by Item Category.

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